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Art Metropole is a non-profit visual arts centre with a focus on contemporary art in formats predisposed to circulation and dissemination: artists’ books and art publications, video, audio, electronic media, and multiples. Art Metropole distributes works through its space at 896 College Street, Toronto, pop-up and satellite locations, and online.

Art Metropole produces exhibitions, talks, screenings, performances and other programming that feature and/or intersect with distributed art practices; and manages a public art collection and archive pertaining to these practices.

The centre was founded in 1974 by the artist collective General Idea, as a division of Art-Official Inc. (1972). Art-Official’s mission is to facilitate and document collaboration and exchange of ideas between artists. The company had served as the non-profit business entity for General Idea’s File Megazine (1972–1989). Art Metropole was conceived as a related artist-run centre and collection agency devoted to the documentation, archiving and distribution of all the images.

Available at Second Spring

Second Spring is a fluid affiliation of collaborators and an artist imprint that produces vinyl records and curated projects. They are devoted to supporting expanded and experimental practices. Second Spring was founded by Julian Hou.

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