2020 – 2022           
MFA in Studio Art
School of Fine Arts and Music, University of Guelph, Canada

2011 – 2015           
BFA in Drawing and Painting
Ontario College of Art and Design University, Canada

2014, 2016, 2019       
Studio Assistant to Robert Fones

Dean's Tri-Council Scholarship ($5000)
School of Fine Art and Music
University of Guelph

SSHRC (Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada)
Joseph Armand Bombardier Canada Graduate Scholarship - Master’s ($17500)

School of Fine Art and Music
University of Guelph

Travel, Research and Creation Grant ($700, $1500)
School of Fine Art and Music
University of Guelph

Shuebrook Graduate Scholarship - Studio Art ($500)
School of Fine Art and Music
University of Guelph

BGSRS - Board of Graduate Studies Research Scholarships ($2000)
Academic Excellence
School of Fine Art and Music
University of Guelph

Toronto Arts Council Grant ($5000)
(Individual) Visual Arts
Emerging Artist

2018 (Sept 6 - 21)
The Life of Vanda Miss Joaquim
Pushmi Pullyu, Toronto, Canada

2021 (Jan)
Shadow Land Acknowledgement
Broadside multiple of 20
In collaboration with Cody Caetano
Organized by Hearth Garage, Toronto, and held at the plumb, Toronto, Canada

2020 (Sept 25 - Oct 30)
Portal To The Pond
Curated by the shell projects – Maegan Broadhurst and Barbora Racevičiūtė
*QueenSpecific, Toronto, Canada

2020 (Sept)
Sinkhole Projects
A curatorial exercise and platform directed by Joe Speier
Baltimore, Maryland, USA

2021 (July)
grass taps - University of Guelph Studio Art MFA Group Exhibition
the plumb, Toronto, Canada

2021 (June)
hollywood: Yan Wen Chang, Sam Cherof, Robbie McDonald
A.D., NYC, New York, USA

2019 (July)
The Bald Eagle’s Claw
Curated by Philip Leonard Ocampo
Xpace Cultural Centre, Toronto, Canada

2018 (Nov) 
VSVSVS Studios, Toronto, Canada

2018 (Aug)
I was uncategorical, and so, defiant
Curated by Lucas Regazzi
AKA Artist Run Centre, Saskatoon, Canada

2017 (Sept)          
Andre Ethier, Adrienne Kammerer, Laura Dawe, Luis Mora, Mark Puchala, Mike Chmil, Nick Bierk, Omar Lalani, Robert Kenney, Sylvain Beaudry, Tyler Armstrong, Yan Wen Chang
165 Geary Ave, Toronto, Canada

2017 (July)
Billion Questions
Virgil Baruchel, Nick Bierk, Yan Wen Chang, Oreka James, Ash Sutton-Davis, Destiny Grimm, Spencer Hatch, Omar Lalani
Curated by Omar Lalani
490 college, Toronto, Canada

2017 (Apr-May)
No creature can learn that which his heart has no shape to hold
Bryan Bowie, Yan Wen Chang, Chad Gauthier, Scott Waters
Wil Kucey Gallery, Toronto, Canada

2016 (Sept-Oct)     
What Would The Community Think? 
Curated by Emily Gove
Xpace Cultural Centre, Toronto, Canada

2016 (July-Aug)     
Fresh Paint/New Construction 2016
Art Mûr, Montreal, Canada


2021 (Aug) - NOW Magazine

10 Toronto visual artists to watch in 2021

2015 (Nov) - InsideToronto

Parkdale artist Yan Wen Chang explores city signage at City of Art exhibit


LooseLeaf - Vol. 9
A literary and visual arts magazine by Project 40 Collective, Toronto, Canada
Visual Art Contributor, Print (Pg 16 - 17)