The Thorn

Mixed media on canvas 
34” x 28”

“Today mama called me and she told me she volunteered at an addiction recovery halfway house last week. It was located in a far away area in Singapore where there are quail and fish farms. There was a large kitchen for them to bake cookies. My mama and the people at the house became friends and they taught her how to make almond cookies and pineapple tarts. Next, they went to go harvest Gai Lan and asked my mama to go with them. She said that in those short hours, she realized how good and decent people can be when they are given the opportunity to be. When they had lunch, they all cooked together and had vegetable curry and rice. They sat with her and kept her company the entire time. She said in those fleeting moments with them, she realized that those who have been dealt a bad card in life or made poor decisions in their life can change and shine brightly in each of their own way. She said that they could choose to be good and wholesome people again. Those who are strong in doing evil are strong in doing good. Maybe I could be good again.”